The NeuroImaginal® Institute offers evidence-based practices, with quick and simple ways to support mind, body and soul coherence for a healthy and happy life. We know that we can change the way neural structures in our brain and less known, neurons in the heart, perceive and drive meaning making from our inner images, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The images our brain stores, the metaphors we connect to and the stories we tell ourselves about our life experience essentially make up our NeuroImaginal® world. We now know that using image, imagination, music, moving the body and connecting with the electromagnetic power of the human heart all invite us to better know, shift, and strengthen the deeper meaning that informs our life.
Enjoy evidence based, experiential, enjoyable and lasting ways to address life pain, increase perception of possibilities, manage stress and change, and increase our capacity for creativity and happiness.

Luminous Life Maps logoCreative Arts Therapy Experience with Dr. Shannon Simonelli

Everything Is About To Change!

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Soul Whispering book coverSoul Whispering: the Art of Awakening Shamanic Consciousness

Nita Gage’s ground breaking book with Dr. Linda Star Wolf

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