Healer Within Retreats – Salt Lake City



Day long retreats using NeuroImaginal Journey Work, Breathwork, imagination, RemedyWave Dance/movement and art, voice and sound ~ all designed to offer self-care, healing, awakening and the power of living from an embodied truth. Expand your capacity for joy in your every day life, live from a connected, empowered, coherent place. See the calendar of events for upcoming offerings in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact Shannon@NeuroImaginalinstitute.com for questions or registration.

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  • RW-Faculty-ShannonShannon Simonelli Ph.D., ATR
    Shannon has been a mover and dancer her whole life. She uses her Ph.D. in Imaginal Psychology and Creative Arts Therapy and being a Registered Art Therapist as solid foundation to underpin the range of RemedyWave® offerings. She has the maximum training in 5Rhythms® Movement Therapy, and has extensive study in Authentic Movement and Shamanic Studies from various gifted heart centered teachers. Shannon is certified in PsychoSpiritual Integration® and Integrative Breathwork, Thought Field Therapy®, Street Yoga™, and PSYCH-K™. She has over 20 years of private practice and group facilitation experience in integrative, experiential therapies. *Shannon is not a certified 5Rhythms® dance teacher.
    RW-Faculty-SarahSarah Hubbard, Ph.D.
    Sarah is a licensed clinical psychologist with 17 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families in various psychiatric centers and private practice. For the last three years she has worked at Center for Change in Orem, UT, a specialized eating disorder treatment center. Sarah has profound regard for the spectrum of ways people suffer from mental distress as well as certainty about the human capacity to heal from that distress. Working from an integral view of psychotherapy, which honors the interconnectedness of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves, she has a special interest in organizing and uniting conventional psychotherapy approaches and contemplative practices into a coherent whole.
    RW-Faculty-CarolCarol Lessinger-Feldendrais & Cortical Field Reeducation
    Carol has been teaching and developing her craft for over 30 years. Rooted in dance, she connects the body, creativity and spirituality through her work and life. Shannon has found healing with Carol’s work and is excited to weave RemedyWave® with this deep embodied mindfulness. www.carollessinger.com
    RW-Faculty-LerraineLeraine Horstmanshoff ~ Instruments & voice for healing release
    Leraine brings instruments, improvisation and vibration to usher the group to a new level of release and opening. Listen and connect deeply to the sound of your body being, receive and give to others and bathe in the frequency we create together. RemedyWave® will rock, roll and release here! www.lerainemusic.com
    RW-Faculty-VanessaVanessa Davis ~ Toning and Shamanic practice to awaken voice and connection
    Vanessa comes to us from England where her own dance practice, psychotherapy and shamanic practice developed side by side. She invites our inner voice, with courage, out into heart centered connection. Let sound and tone bring insight, healing and expression to the body, movement and psyche through the safe holding of RemedyWave® with voice.
    RW-Faculty-KazKaz Speirs ~ Drummer, teacher, drum maker and lover of the dance
    Kaz has drumming in his blood. He is deeply connected to the roots of African drumming and shares his love of these rich rhythms with students and movers on the floor. He brings additional instruments to his musical expression to support RemedyWave® in the full range of dancing expression. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kazdrums/126914510715364?sk=info
  • remedywave-new-space300 West 403 North
    Salt Lake City, UT

    Take 600 North exit from I-15 and head east. Studio entrance is on 300.
  • “I find myself deepening, each time I come to dance, it’s cumulative. The awareness in my body, and how it carries into my life, and then I forget…. and come back and get reminded and it lasts a little longer. This brings me this richness in my life, just awesome. Thank you!”

    “I am so grateful for you, the space you hold and the dance. I feel I’m a different person than I was 4 years ago when I walked through that door…I think this ‘new’ me was there all along, I just needed a safe place to let it blossom.” – weekly class and workshop participant

    “No matter how I’m feeling, what stress or upset I’m feeling, when I come to dance I feel better. Thank you Shannon for holding safe, consistent, welcoming space for our dancing community.”

    "I've been so stressed all week with the intensity of work and my life, I was almost outside myself. Then dancing tonight I had this awareness...this is my body, my cells, my breath. I felt in my body. I feel so so much better. Thank you."

    “Thank you for the beauty, the space and the love. I am humbled by other participants willingness to share and nurture and love each other.”

    “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you – I came in feeling an extreme need for self-health. During the day I felt and found new ideas.”

    “Thank you so much. What a beautiful gift, to feel so supported and feel so much love and validation in my journey/process of self-care.”

    “I learned it is ok to find what’s joyful for me, I don’t need to always hold others and not myself. I learned to find and trust the wisdom in my body, and to attend to and gently care for the resistant part of me, the one that feels small, feels like I ‘should’ be this or that.”

    "I don't know what I ever did without this!"

    "The most fun I've had with personal growth work!" Lila Salt Lake City

    "I left feeling greater self-acceptance, reconnection and hugely open-hearted."

    “I really tuned into the gift that body movement can be in my life. I feel more aliveness flowing thru me and I know my life will be greatly enhanced by this.”

    “I learned the importance of helping myself (and others) focus on growing ‘best self’ rather than focusing on ‘fixing’ problem areas. An excellent workshop – great activity to invite real exploration.”

    “The self-care workshops have been so powerful. I loved finding the ‘remedy’ today. I have found the wisdom and skills gained in the workshops translate into my daily life. I feel more effective with my work from taking these courses. Thank you so very much!”

    “Learning that survival and self-care are not one and the same was a huge ‘a-ha!’ today. I have only really known self-care by leaving my body and wishing to heal from there. Today I worked with my healing while inhabiting my body and there was beautiful healing that occurred. This is new and encouraging for me. It has left me with tools I didn’t know I had. Humm…and it’s not so scary after all! Thank you!”

    “Beautiful, enlightening, informative workshop! I arrived exhausted and Im leaving rejuvenated and with many wonderful tools to support my journey of self-care. From survival to self-care – just learned they weren’t one and the same – WOW! Thank you!”

    “I have had so much growth directly related to this work…psychologically, in the body and in my life. I can stay present, in my body when things get scary. I’ve created the life I wanted and got over the things that blocked me… so much because of this work. Thank you. I feel so grateful and supported by this. I get married next week and when I began with you I was scared to give up my independence and afraid of getting hurt!” year-long group, workshop and weekly class participant, LCSW therapist

    “Tonight I realized I spend way too much time in my head and not enough time checking in with my body and what its expression is. I see I need to be dancing a lot more.”

    "Do not miss the masterful, brilliance of Shannon's loving, nudging facilitation. I always felt safe and called into expressing and being more of ME!"

    "If you wish to take a big, bold step towards pulling the different aspects of yourself together in a way that aligns you to be more true to yourself then this is the work for you!" Moving Into Wholeness committed group participant, Salt Lake City

    "When I see you [Shannon] work and think of you, the words that come are…'Athlete of the Soul'" – Elaine, Colleague, California

    "You invited us to fully experience, I went for it, and opened up a window to another world. Thank you." – Lori Ann, Learner in Dr. Shannon's training, Honolulu, HI

    "As an addict who is spiritually, emotionally, and physically bankrupt this movement group [Riding the Recovery Wave] helped me to connect with myself and open up a little more instead of being so shut down" - 5RMT mens group, Maui Hawaii