If you had the power to create a life worthy of you…what would that life be?

An intimate women’s group ~ get and give support, ground and expand your life, make magic together…moving though transition to transformation is to THRIVE

What is the call from the center of your heart as you navigate the next steps in your life? Maybe you can’t hear it yet, but you trust it will emerge. How would it be to join with a divers, intimate group of women navigating their own life changes? Would you like to feel a sisterhood in the challenges of change, to find and offer support in the driving questions of your life?
THRIVE is designed for you.

You may be navigating: Career change, An empty nest, Transition to adulthood, A new creative project or business, Divorce or end of a significant relationship, Creating a new chapter of your life, A significant health issue, Menopause, Retirement, Marriage.

There is magic in group work. There is power when women come together. There is wisdom and tenderness when women at different ages and stages share their desire and longing into the healing circle. Do you want to be held in the tenderness of your own vital becoming? You want to THRIVE.

How would it be to have a map on your journey of life…to be able to navigate cycles of change with wisdom, power and love? Can you imagine being part of a circle of healing, heartful, powerful women doing just that? Learning tools and practices and doing their own life affirming and creation work in the support of others? If you feel this pull…then you feel the pull to THRIVE.

What is Thrive?
THRIVE is an intimate 9-month transformational group for women in transition who are ready to create conscious change in their life. Together we will experience:

  • A strong, safe container for you
  • One masterfully facilitated group call each month
  • One individual session each month to support and deepen
  • One peer companion session each month with guided/offered structure
  • One embodied awareness, dance journey each month (RemedyWave) or one Saturday workshop
  • Guided discovery work choices each month & an image based/art process project choice
  • Suggested, optional reading list
  • One transformative 3-day weekend retreat at the end of our 9 months

What is waiting to be created in you, by you, for you, for the life worthy of you, the life you long for? Together we will inquire, talk, walk, dance, make art, do sacred exploration and celebrate each other as we discover what it is to THRIVE.

Contact us for more information or an application to Thrive. This is a small group experience and will close at 12 participants. THRIVE is designed for those who live anywhere, the group, individual sessions and peer session can be done remotely, you could choose a Saturday workshop instead of once a month RemedyWave, and we will all travel (in or close to Utah) for the  3-day weekend retreat in late September or early October 2016.

THRIVE Hand-out

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  • shannon-100Hello, I am delighted to be hosting and guiding this very special offering. Please join us on the journey or share this with that special someone you are thinking of as perfect for this experience. Thank you and joyful journey, Shannon.

    Shannon Simonelli Ph.D., ATR is an old friend with change. She has had many difficult and some joyful transitions and has become a devoted student of the change process. With over 20 years experience in facilitating individuals and groups to navigate change from an embodied heart; she knows how to go deep, bring light, navigate archetypal maps of transformation and initiation, reveal truth, hold tenderness and foster direct experience as the most powerful teacher. Shannon calls on the power of inner imagery, imagination, the wisdom of the body and powerful neurological techniques to support change. You will not be disappointed as you embark on the journey with this strong, safe, heartful, masterful guide and companion. See what others are saying:

    “I have had so much growth directly related to this work…psychologically, in the body and in my life. I can stay present, in my body when things get scary. I’ve created the life I wanted and got over the things that blocked me… so much because of this work. Thank you. I feel so grateful and supported by this. I get married next week and when I began with you I was scared to give up my independence and afraid of getting hurt!” year-long group, workshop and weekly Remedywave participant, LCSW therapist

    “I am so grateful for you and this space…I feel I am a different person than I was before I walked through that door… I think this ‘me’ was always there, I just needed a place to let it blossom.” Committed group participant and Remedywave dancer

    "If you wish to take a big, bold step towards pulling the different aspects of yourself together in a way that aligns you to be more true to yourself then this is the work for you!" committed group participant, SLC

    “I learned it is ok to find what’s joyful for me, I don’t need to always hold others and not myself. I learned to find and trust the wisdom in my body, and to attend to and gently care for the resistant part of me, the one that feels small, feels like I ‘should’ be this or that.”

    “Learning that survival and self-care are not one and the same was a huge ‘a-ha!’ today. I have only really known self-care by leaving my body and wishing to heal from there. Today I worked with my healing while inhabiting my body and there was beautiful healing that occurred. This is new and encouraging for me. It has left me with tools I didn’t know I had. Humm…and it’s not so scary after all! Thank you!”

    "Do not miss the masterful, brilliance of Shannon's loving, nudging facilitation. I always felt safe and called into expressing and being more of ME!"
  • What will THRIVE explore?
    The power of group work is built on safety, an experienced guide with an understanding of the terrain of transformation, the wisdom in the group, and a variety of ‘door ways’ into both personal material and the practice of becoming masterful at change…this is to THRIVE. Together we will explore:
    • Maps, Cycles and stages of change
    • Personal styles, habits and patterns of change
    • Resources to expand and support how you navigate transition
    • The voice and guidance of Power, Wisdom and Love
    • Healthy boundaries and life balance
    • The power of your imagination and personal imagery
    • Deep listening to the cues of your body
    • Self-care
    • Personal patterns of change, a deeper look
    • Beliefs and patterns that limit
    • Releasing outdated, limiting beliefs and patterns
    • Updating beliefs and the path of transformation
    • Envisioning the life worthy of you
    • The science of belief, connection and love
    • Sacred practices to support transformation
    • Celebration of the pregnancy, delivery and birth of your transformation practice

    Contact us for more information or an application to Thrive. This is a small group experience and will close at 12 participants.

    What is the call of your Soul? Invite her out into her full, embodied glory. Learn to give her an honored and central place to guide your life and watch yourself THRIVE.
  • thrive-circle-smThis is an intimate group experience (8-12 women) and will close when full. Application for the group is required. You may live anywhere as all sessions can be done remotely, with the exception of the once a month Remedywave™ offer (adaptations for this are available), and the 3-day retreat which will take place in or close to Utah. If you live in the Salt Lake area and wish to do your individual session face to face that is encouraged.

    The first session of THRIVE will be January 27th, 2016, with a monthly call schedule, individual appointments and peer companion meetings for participants to schedule. Thrive will complete with a 3-day retreat in September 2016. Please contact us for more detailed information.

    $375 deposit upon review and acceptance of your application
    $375 per month for 9 months
    total $3,750
    or $3,475 with one payment upon enrollment

    Are you ready to be supported in reflection, renewal, release and rebirth? Then join us and THRIVE.

    Contact us for more information or an application to Thrive. This is a small group experience and will close at 12 participants.
  • thrive-appAre you ready to walk through the door to your next right steps in life? Would you prefer to do that with the love, wisdom and power of other women at your side? Then you are ready to THRIVE.

    Click to apply or inquire
    Contact us for more information or an application to Thrive. This is a small group experience and will close at 12 participants.
    NeuroImaginal Institute (385) 202-6477